Genetic S.p.A. is a company dedicated to the research, development, manufacturing and marketing of innovative therapeutic solutions that can protect health and improve the patient’s quality of life.

We are driven by the passion we have for what we do best, that is scientific research and innovative pharmaceutical development aimed at the manufacturing, both on our own behalf or that of third parties, of several pharmaceutical forms for proprietary medicinal products and medical devices.

Alongside the international scientific community, Genetic is constantly committed to the development of cutting-edge therapeutic solutions manufactured in compliance with good manufacturing practices (GMP) and international quality certifications to offer our partners a high-profile product portfolio.

Currently Genetic is indirectly present in 30 European and Extra-EU countries and many more will be added in the coming years, in line with the company’s international growth strategy over a medium to long-term period. In Italy, Genetic is authorized by the AIFA (Italian Medicines Agency) for the manufacture and packaging of proprietary medicinal products and medical devices on our own behalf and that of third parties in the following pharmaceutical forms: liquids for nebulisation, preservative free single-use solutions, multidose solutions, preservative free single-use suspensions, multidose suspensions, sterile high potency products (corticosteroids), sterile non-corticosteroid products, drops, preservative free single-use eye drops and multidose eye drops with preservatives, oral liquids, MDI, DPI, capsules, tablets, effervescent tablets, film-coated tablets, cancer drugs and immunosuppressants.

Genetic numbers among its clients and industrial partners some of the most important and historic Italian and foreign pharmaceutical multinationals with whom we share the same innovation, study, work and expertise values in the scientific and technological field.

In 2015 Genetic S.p.A. became part of the limited group of “Innovative Small and Medium Enterprises” drawn up at a national level by the Italian Chamber of Commerce as it complies with the following 2 requisites required for admission:

1) Over 33% of Genetic personnel hold a master’s degree and/or a PhD;

2) Every year the company invests more than 3% of its turnover into R&D projects and activities



At Genetic, we bring together science, expertise and passion in the manufacture of drugs and medical devices in full compliance with the regulations of Good Manufacturing Practice and international quality certifications to offer high quality products. Placing integrity at the foundation of everything we do, we adhere to the highest standards of quality, compliance, safety and performance. We invest in research and development for a healthier world and more sustainable healthcare.




Our employees comply with the laws and regulations, in line with our commitment to honesty, equity and integrity.

At Genetic all our employees are called to contribute to our programme and to strengthen a culture centred on behaviour that is ethical and complies with regulations.



We are focused on QUALITY AND PRODUCTIVITY for sustainable growth in a context of pressing health challenges


In an international context of ever-changing chemical-pharmaceutical innovation, Genetic S.p.A. intends to be recognised as an international company focused on the research, development, manufacture and marketing of innovative therapeutic solutions to protect the health of and improve the quality of life for an ever-growing number of people.

For this reason, we use a long-term company strategy that is devoted to quality and productivity with investments in high technology, scientific innovation, basic research, advanced research and incremental development, in collaboration with the best national and international universities and research centres. The continuous search for outstanding quality and product and process innovation has allowed the company to maintain flexibility and a high-profile technical and managerial decision-making ability without leaving behind the professional growth of all the people who work in the company. Our aim is to guarantee a steady, ethical, transparent, trustworthy creation of value towards each patient and towards the whole of society.


To follow the company’s mission, we have always been inspired by some fundamental values that are at the foundation of our daily work and the relationships with our partners:

Responsibility & Entrepreneurship
Transparency & Reliability
Excellence & Innovation
Expertise & Team Spirit



Investments into R&D are fundamental to us. They are our DNA and we are getting ready for future challenges. Substantial investments (> than 3% of the turnover) are allocated to the R&D sector, which, for the company, is the true human and technological wealth.

Genetic Pharmaceutical Laboratory has always believed that research and innovation are the driving forces behind industrial pharmaceutical development and so has sought high-profile scientific collaborations with Italian universities developing projects and clinical studies in the oncology and respiratory fields and other therapeutic areas.



Genetic Officina Farmaceutica è un’azienda italiana innovativa, con sito produttivo situato in Fisciano (SA), Italia. La nostra mission e i nostri valori sono la nostra storia e testimoniano l'origine della azienda che nel corso degli anni forte della sue potenzialità ha avviato un percorso di sviluppo in diverse aree terapeutiche, implementando produzione e portfolio prodotti. Oggi siamo una delle aziende leader nel mondo nella produzione di farmaci equivalenti e di specialità medicinali. Nella nostra crescita continua il nostro impegno nel rendere accessibili i farmaci ad un sempre maggior numero di persone.



GENETIC is present in over 30 European and Extra-EU countries in line with the company strategy of national and international growth forming strategic development partnerships with several pharmaceutical multinationals with whom we share the same ethical, scientific and innovative values.

Contrada Canfora, 
Fisciano (SA) 84084

Contrada Canfora,
Fisciano (SA) 84084

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